The national bureau of meteorology carried out research work on science popularization in our university    [2015-05-04] 
Professor Tang Zaiyong from Salem State University of America Visited CUIT Longquan Campus and Delivered a Lecture    [2015-03-24] 
Professor Chen Zizhong from Bourns College of Engineering of the Riverside College of the University of California of...    [2015-03-23] 
Dr. Nikolai Vavilov from St. Petersburg State University of Russia Visited CUIT    [2015-03-23] 
The Preparatory Meeting of CDIO Global Conference Held in Chengdu University of Information Technology    [2015-03-19] 
Ding Yingchun Published on RSC Advances    [2015-03-06] 
Professor Gary G. Yen visited and delivered a lecture    [2015-03-01] 
National Central University Professor Zhu Yanxiang Visited CUIT    [2014-12-17] 
2014 Academic Annual Conference of Sichuan Higher Education Academy in CUIT    [2014-12-16] 
CUIT Teachers Win Provincial Social Sciences Award for    [2014-12-14] 
Provincial Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center with Atmospheric Sounding Technology of CUIT Got Approved    [2014-12-07] 
The First “Sichuan Provincial Contest of Physics Innovation Experiment for University Students” Held at CUIT    [2014-12-07] 
CUIT Sixth Teaching Contest of Young Teachers    [2014-12-04] 
President Zhou Jiliu Meets the Delegation of Chiang Mai University    [2014-11-28] 
Anne·Marie·Guillemard Delivers Academic Report in CUIT    [2014-11-28] 
NUS Professor Weng Zongjing and Dr. Zhong Xiaoxi Visited CUIT    [2014-11-25] 
CAS Academician Hou Chaohuan Employed as a Part-time Professor at CUIT    [2014-11-24] 
CUIT Professors Attend the “International Forum on Engineering Education Reform and Development”    [2014-11-24] 
Academic Exchanges by Professors from Hosei University and National Central University of Taiwan    [2014-10-31] 
Award Ceremony of 2014 OW2 International Software Programming Contest Held in CUIT    [2014-10-20] 
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