Professor Jiang Tao obtained the fund of 2015 “Thousand Talents Plan” of Sichuan Province    [2016-03-04] 
Academic report by Associate researcher Pan Yuepeng from Atmospheric Physics institution of Chinese Academy    [2016-03-04] 
Delegates from Chiang Mai University visited our university    [2016-01-20] 
Labor union of CUIT was awarded as “The home of the national model workers” by ACFTU (All China Federation of Trade...    [2016-01-11] 
Training class and seminar on The national weather radar calibration principle and technology    [2016-01-07] 
Academic reports by Doctor Liu Changhai from the National Center of Atmospheric Research( NCAR) U.S. and doctor Deng...    [2016-01-06] 
President delegation attended the work seminar of 2015 national outstanding engineers education in provincial college...    [2016-01-06] 
Delegates from La Trobe University of Australia visited our university    [2015-12-30] 
Academic report by Shen Wenhai from National Meteorological Center    [2015-12-29] 
Leaders show concern to students from poor families which bring warmth to them in this winter    [2015-12-28] 
Jing Fengrong attended 2015 annual meeting of ideological instruction meeting of China electronic education society    [2015-12-28] 
A Delegation led by President Zhou Jiliu visited universities in the USA and Canada    [2015-12-01] 
CUIT delegation visit Ritsumeikan University, Chiba University and Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan    [2015-11-10] 
2015 CUIT Sports Meeting and the opening ceremony    [2015-11-04] 
CUIT 2015 freshmen military training performance and the opening ceremony for the new term    [2015-10-10] 
2015 overseas student registration went smoothly    [2015-09-17] 
The grand opening ceremony of the 2015 postgraduates    [2015-09-14] 
Professor Zeng Ka from University of Arkansas of American gave an academic report in our university    [2015-09-14] 
Academic report given by professor Han Le from University of Pennsylvania of America    [2015-09-14] 
2015 undergraduate graduation ceremony and awarding ceremony held in CUIT    [2015-07-08] 
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