Professor from University of Huddersfield Comes to CUIT for Academic Exchange    [2017-06-27]  new
President of Waikato Institute of Technology of New Zealand Visits CUIT    [2017-06-27]  new
Professor Edward Szczerbicki of Newcastle University in Australia Visits CUIT for Academic Communication    [2017-06-26]  new
University of Maryland Tenured Professor William S. Levine Gives Academic Report in CUIT    [2017-06-26]  new
CUIT delegation visits Siegen University    [2017-06-26]  new
ICSI 2017 Held in CUIT    [2017-06-26]  new
Music&Dance Troupe from University of New Hampshire Visits CUIT    [2017-06-26]  new
Professor Dan Garcia from University of California at Berkeley Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT    [2017-06-26]  new
Associate Professor Amber Settle from Depaul University Gives a Lecture in CUIT    [2017-06-26]  new
Singapore Polytechnic Representatives Come to CUIT Discussing CDIO Teacher Training Issues    [2017-06-26]  new
Teachers of Atmospheric Sciences College Attend the EGU International Conference    [2017-06-26]  new
Associate Professor Xue Yajuan from School of Communication Engineering Participated in ICCMSE    [2017-05-10] 
IEEE Fellow Professor Sun Huifang Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT    [2017-04-28] 
Doctor Verlan from University of Paris Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT    [2017-04-19] 
Professor Huang Baiming from UW-Madison Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT    [2017-04-19] 
Representatives from University of Washington visit CUIT    [2017-04-13] 
Dr Li Chen from University of Siegen gives an academic lecture in CUIT    [2017-03-29] 
CUIT Delegation Attended CDIO 2017 Asia Conference    [2017-03-29] 
Representative from UNH visits CUIT    [2017-03-29] 
Representatives from San Diego State University Visit CUIT    [2017-03-21] 
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