Academic Visit From Cambridge University Professors


June 3rd 2014

By College of Atmospheric Sciences and International Exchange and Cooperation

Dr. Michael Herzog on Report

Prof. Hans-Friedrich Graf on Report

Vice President of College of Atmospheric Science Chen Quanliang Hosted the Conference

Two famous German climate scientists from Cambridge University, Prof. Hans-Friedrich Graf and Dr. Michael Herzog came to CUIT for academic exchanges during a short visit from 25th to 30th in May, 2014. Accompanying them were Chen Wen, researcher and director from CMSR in LASG of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Cui Xuefeng, researcher and doctor from Global Change and Earth System Science Research Institute of Nanjing Normal University.

Prof. Hans-Friedrich Graf and Dr. Michael Herzog gave two great academic reports to faculties and students majoring in atmospheric sciences or interested in atmospheric sciences. Prof. Hans-Friedrich Graf’s report was titled Tibetan Plateau Land Use Change Modifying Local Energy and Water Balance, and Continental Scale Climate and Dr. Michael Herzog made the report of Parameterizations for Surface Fluxes and Convection: Who Is to Blame For the Tropical Precipitation Biases in the ECHAM Climate Model.

Starting with observational data and simple questions, Prof. Hans-Friedrich Graf analyzed the influences on diurnal change and runoff change caused by land use change and expounded on the mechanism of how land use change would have an impact on local, regional and global climate.

Dr. Michael Herzog’s report focused on different functional mechanisms of parameterizations for surface fluxes and convection on tropical ocean convection on the basis of the differences among ECHAM Climate Model, observable precipitation data and analyzable precipitation data.

After their excellent reports, faculties and students had spirited discussions with those distinguished scholars.

Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Duan Qianbing greeted the visitors cordially and discussed with the two Cambridge University professors on the possibility of short-time visits and training in Cambridge University for faculties of CUIT.  

During their visit in CUIT, the research team led by Gong Yuanfa from College of Atmospheric Sciences had an extensive and in-depth discussion with the two professors on joint studies of the influence of climate change by Tibetan Plateau land surface physical processes and parameterization schemes and Gong and the two professors had reached certain consensus on future cooperation in those areas.

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