CUIT Students Won First Prize in Chinese College Students’Computer Design Contest


July 27th 2014

By College of Computer Science and Technology

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Awarding Ceremony

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The national finals of the 7th Chinese College Students’ Computer Design Contest were concluded in Northeastern University, Shenyang on July 23rd, 2014. 2,000 students and teachers on 573 teams from 266 universities from all over China competed in the finals, including Peking University, Communication University of China, Tongji University. CUIT’s "Lime campus" won the first prize in the national finals. The work was directed by He Jia, a teacher, and designed and developed by three students, namely Yu Meng,Li Yun and Li Shenglan. They stood out from the crowd with their elaborate preparation beforehand and excellent display at the finals.

In this contest, the students of CUIT demonstrated a perfect combination of their computer expertise and practical application of the products. This has not only enhanced their ability to apply knowledge but also expand their horizons. It has also laid a good foundation for them becoming innovative and practical talents in the future.

Chinese College Students’ Computer Design Contest was jointly sponsored by three computer science committees of the Ministry of Education of China. The categories of the contest include software applications and development, digital media design and computer music creation. The contest aims at upgrading the innovative capacity of higher education institutions, encouraging college students to learn computer skills, improving their skills in solving practical problems with the use of information technology and developing their creative ability and awareness of teamwork.


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