CUIT Attended the 10th International CDIO Conference


June 25th 2014

By Office of Academic Affairs and International Exchange and Cooperation

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Awarding Ceremony

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Keynote Speech from Yang Ling

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Keynote Speech from Zhou Jiliu on 2015 CDIO in CUIT

From 15th to 19th June, Professor Zhou Jiliu, president of the university led a team that consists of Professor Xie Mingyuan of the Higher Education Institution, Professor Yang Ling of the College of Electronic Engineering, Vice Professor Liu Peng of the College of Control Engineering and Vice Professor Wu Xi of the College of Computer Science and Technology as well as four students went to Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain to attend the 10th International CDIO Conference. Over 240 Representatives of 82 colleges and universities from more than 30 countries and regions exchanged their opinions on the forefront, status quo, challenges and potential opportunities for development on CDIO engineering education. Representatives of CUIT delivered five presentations and speeches on the promotional reform of concerned issues and discussed about our preparation work for the 11th International CDIO Conference, which will be held in and by Chengdu University of Information and Technology in 2015.


As the principal of CDIO International Organization, Professor Johan Malmqvist from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, introduced the status quo of the development of CDIO. Professor Edward Crawley of MIT, the founder of CDIO Engineering concept, further illustrated the current situation and learned experience in building up Russian Krakow University of Science and Technologyunder the framework of CDIO.

Zhou Jiliu delivered a keynote speech on organizing the 2015 CDIO International Conference and introduced the history, characteristics and implementation of CDIO engineering education of our school, all of which received positive responses.

Yang Ling and Wu Xi gave two keynote speeches on the promotional reform on CDIO engineering education of CUIT and had an in-depth communication with international experts on issues of classroom education and students cultivation by implementing CDIO concepts.

During the conference, four students of CUIT participated in a fierce competition with over 40 students from 18 colleges and universities overseas on the four-rotor aircraft project based on mobile embedded systems and finally got the second prize among all the participants.


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