CUIT Students Achieved Outstanding Results in 2014 Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest


September 3rd 2014

By Office of Teaching Affairs and Electronic Experiment Center

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CUIT Students in 2014 NUEDC

Recently a delegation of CUIT students participated in 2014 Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest of Sichuan and the Invitational (TI cup) on simulated electronic system of the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest. They achieved excellent results.

The contest was divided into two stages. In the first stage, electronic design competitions were held at a provincial level.Winners of the provincial competitions were recommended for the Invitational. The competition in Sichuan province was held during August 12th-15th. In the provincial competition, works from participating universities were assessed at Southwest Petroleum University. 24 teams from CUIT won the first prize in the provincial competition, 28 won the second prize, 6 won the third prize. CUIT ranked on top of the medal tally in terms of the number of the first prizes won and the total number of prizes won. We were proud to learn that “wireless power transmission device” designed by Zhao Qiankun, Hou Yubo, Yang Sihang won the "TI" Cup, the single highest award. This was the second time for the students of CUIT to have won this honor following the competitionin 2012. About 7,000 students on 2,000 teams from nearly 50 colleges and universities competed in Sichuan provincial competition. In view of the excellent results obtained by our students, the Organizing Committee of the Invitational invited two of CUIT’s winning teams to participate in the National Invitational, which was held during August 25th-29th. Our student’s excellent work won the second prize in the National Invitational.

CUIT started preparing for this year's competition in April. It took half a year to go through personnel selection, seminars, training and participating in the competition. More than 300 students were trained. The effort was supported by the university leaders, and Office of Teaching Affairs, as well as the College of Electronic Engineering, College of Communication Engineering, College of Control Engineering, College of Optoelectronics and College of Computer Science. More freshmen and sophomores were participating this year, which was an unfavorable situation for winning. Therefore, the advising teachers and participating students had to overcome various difficulties in training and finally achieved excellent results. This has fully demonstrated the excellence of our students in electronic design and engineering application. It is also a fruit of engineering education reform in our university.


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