President Zhou and CUIT Delegation Visit Universities in Taiwan


October 8th 2014

By International Exchange and Cooperation

Visit to Tungnan University

Visit to St. John's University

Visit to Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology

Visit to School of Science of University of Taipei

Visit to School of Atmospheric Science of National Taiwan University

Visit to National Central University

Visit to Taipei Association of Culture and Education Advancement and Communication

With Chairman Zhang Jinghu of Chinese Culture University

From September 22nd to 26th 2014, CUIT delegation led by President Zhou Jiliu visited Taiwan upon invitation. This visit included seven universities in Taiwan: National Taiwan University, National Central University, Chinese Culture University, St.John’s University, University of Taipei, Tungnan University, and Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology. During the visit, CUIT delegation also attended a forum with Taipei Cultural and Educational Exchange Association.

In the visit at National Central University (NCU), CUIT delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Li Guanghua, the Vice President of NCU, who hosted a cooperation and exchange conference for CUIT and NCU. Representatives from both sides introduced their university and expressed the desire to cooperation in different fields. After the meeting, CUIT delegation paid a visit to the laboratory of Professor Wang and Professor Shi and had a talk with their post graduates. The two universities reached an agreement on the future in-depth collaboration in the fields of students exchange, teachers’ mutual visits as well as scientific research.

When visiting National Taiwan University (NTU), President Zhou Jiliu and CUIT delegation participated in an in-depth discussion with Department of Atmospheric Science of NTU. Professor Lin, the Dean of this department, presented a detailed introduction of their students, faculty, and research fields of the professors. Professor Lin communicated with Professor Fan, the Dean of the College of Atmospheric Science of CUIT. A good foundation has been established for future collaboration and exchange, especially in teachers’ visit and scientific research.

During the visit to Chinese Culture University, a famous private university in Taiwan, CUIT delegation attended a discussion with Dr. Li Tianren, the President of Chinese Culture University, Mr. Zhang Jinghu, the Chairman of Board, and some Deans and Directors from their university. The leaders of both universities reached the agreement that both sides will spare no effort in building a long-term cooperation partnership relationship.

CUIT delegation also visited St. John’s University and attended an exchange and cooperation conference hosted by President Chen Jinlian. In the conference, both sides obtained a common understanding and agreed to sign a letter of intent about establishing a sister school relationship and academic exchange and cooperation. The Dean of the Department of Management of St. John’s University also invited the Dean of the College of Management of CUIT and her colleagues to attend a seminar about management which would be held at St. John’s University this year. President Zhou also extended his invitation to President Chen Jinlian and her delegation to pay a visit to CUIT with the hope of enhancing the cooperation of common research fields.

During the visit to University of Taipei, Tungnan University, and Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology, CUIT delegation was warmly welcomed by each university. The communication and discussion with these universities achieved a better mutual understanding and paved the way for the future cooperation in different academic and research fields as well as students and faculty exchange.

In the forum with Taipei Cultural and Educational Exchange Association, the Director of the Association introduced the basic situation of higher education in Taiwan and analyzed its current situation and challenges. President Zhou Jiliu also introduced the situation of higher education in Sichuan province and expressed the desire of further communication and exchange with the Association.

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