Award Ceremony of 2014 OW2 International Software Programming Contest Held in CUIT



October 20th 2014

By GuoYanfen (College of Computer Science and Technology)

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Cedric_THOMAS on Report

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Conference Site

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Group Photo

The award ceremony of 2014 OW2 International Software Programming Contest was grandly held at the International Conference Hall of CUIT on October 16th, 2014. The award ceremony was sponsored by OW2 ObjectWeb and organized by CUIT. Wu Xi, vice dean of the College of Computer Science and Technology, Mr. Adrien Cavey, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of France in Chengdu, Mr. Cedric Thomas, president of OW2 ObjectWeb and Mr. Lu Guoxiang, director of OW2 ObjectWeb China attended the award ceremony.

Mr. Cedric Thomas delivered a speech on the meanings of OW2, the significance of its existence, the current situation and development prospects.The prizes won in the 2014 OW2 International Software Programming Contest by the works from China were awarded to the winners.

Professor Zhou Minghui from Peking University gave an academic presentation on “Mining Software Development Micro-practices from Operational Data”, Professor Yin Gang from the University of Defense Technology on "Trustie - from large-scale open source software to online collaborative practice" and Professor Frédéric MALLET from the University of Nice, France, on "Model-Driven Engineering: From Programming to Modeling.”

In the afternoon, the participants of the winning team displayed and explained their winning works. Students of CUIT communicated with the winners at the meeting.

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