Academic Exchanges by Professors from Hosei University and National Central University of Taiwan


October 31st 2014

By Zhou Xulong (College of Computer Science and Technology)

Professor Ma Jianhua on Lecture

Professor Shi Guochen on Lecture

Q&A Session

At the invitation of CUIT, Professor Ma Jianhua from Hosei Universit and Shi Guochen from National Central University of Taiwan visited CUIT and gave the presentations of Hyper-World, Big-X and Cyber-I and Motion Interpretation - Virtual Music Instrument as Examples respectively in Conference Room 1 of the administration building on Hang Konggang campus on the afternoon of October 30th, 2014. And this event was undertaken by the College of Computer and hosted by its dean He Jia.

In his academic report, professor Ma pointed out that hyper world was a concept that future world would be a combination of virtual and reality. And at the joint forces of the virtual and real world, there would be profound changes and digital explosions and that’s how Big-X came about. Ma also explained what Cyber-I mean and how it could serve for people in the hyper-world. At the end of Ma’s report, students and faculties present interacted well with him and got their questions and queries answered. As Ma’s report was vivid and new, those present learned a lot from him.

With many years of scientific experience, the other professor Shi discussed the challenges faced in the human-computer interaction techniques in virtual reality. And having taken virtual musical instruments as an example, Shi analyzed virtual equipment, applications in sensor technology and its future trends in detail. After that, Shi presented work shows of virtual instrument by students from National Central University. With his patience and academic profile in the spirited discussions with the students present, thunderous applause broke out.

After the two professors finished their reports, He Jia, dean of the College of Computer Science and Technology expressed gratitude to them with a brief summary to the academic exchanges.


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