CUIT Professors Attend the “International Forum on Engineering Education Reform and Development”



November 24th 2014

By Xie Mingyuan (Higher Education Institution)

Conference Site

On November 18th, the International Forum on Engineering Education Reform and Development was held in Zhejiang University, co-hosted by Education Committee of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Director Wu Aihua and Deputy Director Hou Yongfeng from Science and Engineering Office of Higher Education Department of Ministry of Education attended the forum, along with more than 200 representatives from different countries and regions, such as China, America, Britain, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, etc. Professor Xie Mingyuan from CUIT Institute of Higher Education Research and Professor Zhang Fugui from College of Electronic Engineering of CUIT attended the forum. Keynote speakers of the forum were professors and experts from different universities of various countries. They shared and exchanged their experience and opinions on the new tendency and challenges in the reform of engineering education.

Mr. Pan Yunhe, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a keynote speech entitled Eight-year Thought on Talent Cultivation of Chinese Engineering Science and Technology. In his speech, he shared his thoughts, analysis and suggestions on talent cultivation in engineering technology. He pointed out that with the urbanization and development of the country, the structure of population in job market will experience a big change, and special attention should be paid to the balance of knowledge, ability and quality in talent cultivation and tailor the education according to the change of time, place, and talents.

Mr. Zhu Gaofeng, another academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a keynote speech entitled The Objective and Target: Two Fundamental Issues in Engineering Education. He pointed out that in engineering education, the first thing is to be clear about the objective and target. The objective is to cultivate talents, including their personality as well as their capability. The target of engineering education should be all students, all at least most students, who could become the talents needed by the society through education. For those few especially gifted talents, we need to discover them and create an environment for them to follow their interest and desire to get achievements. There should be proper emphasis placed on values, and there should be a variety in methodologies.


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