CUIT 2015 freshmen military training performance and the opening ceremony for the new term


On September 25th. 2015, the 2015 freshmen military training performance and opening ceremony was held in Hangkonggang campus and Longquan campus. Our party secretary Lai Tingqian, president Zhou Jiliu, deputy secretary Jing Fengrong and Ni Ming, many other leaders as well as all the drillmasters and all freshmen attended this event. It was presided over by Yu Shixiang.

At the beginning, solemn ceremony of raising the national flag and singing the national anthem were held in the performance. Accompanied by the leaders from military training department, Lai Tinqian watched the freshmen’s military training parades. Later on, the military training parades began with a march-past. During the military performance, freshmen showed all kinds of excellent techniques they learnt and won much applause. Comprehensive combative techniques practically improved students’ capacity for emergency defense; The women’s dagger gymnastics and self-defense tactics showed both passionate and gentle sides of girls; Emergency cudgel play also revealed students’ strong cohesion and teamwork skills; The dance steps of youth proved that students of CUIT are outgoing youth of time; The performance of emergency response played by point men aims at improving the capacity of emergency response and outbreak affair. The troops composed by Military training students laid out as the English words CUIT , school motto and the Chinese characters of “Chinese Dreams” after the emergency cudgel play. Although the schedule of military training is tight, the task is heavy, the 2015freshmen overcame all difficulties and completed the mission successfully. The powerful gesture, tidy pace, loud slogans, rigorous attitude showed that the students brought out the best and displayed youthful vigor. They handed the satisfactory paper with the wonderful state of mind for the military training life which lasted for 15 days. The opening ceremony for 2015 new students was followed after the military training performance. President Zhou Jiliu delivered a speech with the name of "Be a responsible student of CUIT". He introduced the Chengdu University of Information Technology to all freshmen and wished that all the new students could be responsible people in the future. Zhou Jiliu said:"CUIT is an university with along history and glorious tradition and it will keep persuing excellence consistently. 2015 freshmen are the very first batch of students after the renaming of our university, so all the freshmen shall turn a new page together with the other CUIT students in the future".

Zhou Jiliu expressed his sincere hope that in this big age filled with changes and challenges all the students can bravely face the new challenges and be a qualified CUIT student with dream, ambition, mind and responsibility. And he said, "During the next four years of college life, the freshmen might be confronted with the temptation and test from comfort or procrastination. Whether they choose to work hard or go with the flow, the life would give the different answers."But he still wished every student could remember their previous dream and be persistent in order to make their college life rich and wonderful.

Zhou Jiliu pointed out that the world today is undergoing a period of great development and revolution. It needs students' action to inspire personal potentials and create the value of life. It needs students' action to undertake the responsibility of family and build a harmonious society. It also needs students' action to gather the power of China and bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. He sent words to all the students in CUIT that we should be ambitious and strive for excellence, be full of positive energy and make great achievements, we should also fight for ourselves and for the society and for the future of China.

On behalf of teachers, Yang Lijuan and Wu Tao gave speech separately at the universityl's opening ceremony.They showed warm welcome to the freshmen and express ardent expectations to their study and life in the next four years. They also put forward to some relevant suggestions about how to confirm the goals and master the proper way of learning.

Student representative Yin Tao from 2012 communication engineering college and Tang Yicun who come from 2013 business college showed sincere welcome to all new students to join Chengxin family . Besides that, they also shared their experience of how to make plans of school life and the importance of cherishing four years of college time, encouraging everyone to bear the motherland in mind and set eyes on the horizon, spare no efforts to improve themselves to become a man of tremendous promise and make our country stronger.

Liu Yang from 2015 computer college and Wang Jingwen from logistics college also made a speech on the meeting. They reviewed the military training experience and conclude their gains and thoughts. They aimed to live up to teachers and parents` wish. At the same time, they promised they would continuously improve themselves, study hard and be a responsible Chengxin student in order to let the Chengxin spirit inherit and spread the spirit among us.

Some of the teachers , students and staff members from both Hangkonggang campus and Longquan campus also came to observe the military training performance and the opening ceremony.


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