2015 CUIT Sports Meeting and the opening ceremony


On the morning of October 30th,2015 CUIT Sports Meeting was held in the second sports field. The secretary of the school party committee, Lai Tingqian, president of CUIT, Zhou Jilliu, the vice party secretary, Jing Fengrong, Ni Ming, the vice secretary,Yu Wanlun, Yu Shixiang, He Jianxin, assistant of president, Xiao Yueqiang, Fan Guangzhou, Shu Hongping, the vice dean of Yinxing Hospitality Management College of CUIT,Yan Chong and heads of related departments, secretaries and vice secretaries of Party General Branch of each college have attended the opening ceremony. the opening ceremony was hosted by the vice president,Yu Shixiang.

With the song Sportsmen March and Loud cheers, the athletes parade marched in. For the very first time, high-tech works of quadcopter, pilotless automobile and remote control aircraft made by teachers and students from Control Engineering College are showed in the sports opening ceremony, which showed recent achievements of our teaching reform and technological innovation.

At the performance of the opening ceremony, Dynamic Youth by the college of electronic engineering and Green Flower Porcelain by the College of Management are great achievements of our Sports and dance competition. Student for national defence performed military sports boxing. And sports department shows many kinds of sports activities.

The national flag was raised on the opening ceremony. Zhou Jiliu announced the opening speech by thanking all the teachers and staff for organizing this big event and he also pointed out our university puts sports activities in a very important place, it is plans a key role in enhancing students qualities both physically and mentally. He expressed his wishes that an health atmosphere of cherishing health and sports could be built in our university.

Representatives of student athletes and referees take their oaths.

Lai Tingqian announced the 2015 CUIT Sports Meeting begun.

It is reported that 2015 CUIT Sports Meeting will be divided into team of teachers and team of students for a match of two days. There are 17 events for men and 16 for women, 33 in total. 9 collective fun sports events will also be held. Student representative teams from 18 colleges and 30 staff representative teams will be competing for the winning.

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