A Delegation led by President Zhou Jiliu visited universities in the USA and Canada


Recently, president of CUIT, Dr. Zhou Jiliu, Dean of Atmospheric College, Fan Guangzhou, dean of Electronic College, Yang Lin and Sun Jiameng from the International Exchange and cooperation office visited colleges and universities in USA and Canadian including the Colorado State University, University of New Hampshire and Sheridan College on their invitation. During the visit, the delegation had informal discussions with representatives of the counterparts and visited their laboratory of crucial disciplines and research centers.

The team visited the Colorado State University, and met the vice provost of Colorado State University Mr. Rick Miranda and signed the Memorandum of understanding between CSU and CUIT. After the meeting, the delegation had a discussion on international cooperation issues with the director of the International department of CSU, Chad Hoseth, assistant Kristin Ewan, official for Chinese affair, Ying Cheng, and the assistant of electronic engineering, Seth Drehle-Ewan.

After the discussion, the team headed to the Engineering college and met the dean, David Mclean, deputy dean of its research center and the representative of the Atmospheric Science College, Sonia Kreidenweis, Dean of the Computer Engineering College, Tony Maciejewski and Deputy Dean of the International Office of Engineering College, Dr. V. Chandrasekar.

Zhou Jiliu showed gratitude for the work of professor Chandra, and invited him to our university to further develop International cooperation project at the end of this year or the beginning of next year; On the other hand, Zhou Jiliu proposed to hold a workshop on the theme of Atmospheric Science and Information Technology every August in CUIT, and invited professor Chandra to take the position of the first Chairman while a representative from CUIT as the executive president.

The delegation went eastern wards from Fort Collins to see the CSU-CHILL radar facility founded by the US National Science Foundation and CSU. Francesc, researcher of CSU’s Engineering College, accompanied the delegation and introduced the radar on X-band and S-band.

The delegation then visited the University of New Hampshire, Zhou Jiliu and Mark W. Huddleston, the president of UHH signed the Memorandum of understanding between UNH and CUIT and reached a consensus on concerned issues.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the Confucius Institute of UNH and communicated with the academic vice provost , P.T.Vasudevan, deputy president, Luchen Li, Marry, dean of the graduate college, Harry Richards, dean of the Engineering and Physical Science College, Samuel B. Mukasa and dean of the Confucius Institute,Yige Wang. The similarities in majors like Computer, Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Atmospheric Science in our two universities are especially mentioned by Samuel. Zhou Jiliu indicated that we can start to cooperate in dual-degree program for graduate students.

The delegation finally visited the Sheridan College, and were well received by the president, Jeff Zabudsky, dean of the Applied Science College, Iain McNab, deputy dean of the Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Technology College, Farzad Rayegani and the head of the International Department, Andrew Ness

In the meeting, Zhou Jiliu expressed our intention of starting the cooperation from one year project for graduates to train their IT and animation skills.

After that, the delegation went to the Chemical Engineering Laboratory and Robotics Laboratory of the Sheridan College with Iain McNab and Farzad Rayegani and had a thorough understanding about the self-study of their engineering majors’ students, and the implementation of the CDIO Initiatives as well as achievements that made by the college as a whole.

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