Leaders show concern to students from poor families which bring warmth to them in this winter


On the afternoon of December 22nd, president Zhou Jiliu and party secretary Lai Tingqian visited our student dormitory on both campuses in Hang Konggang and Longquan and sent their care and concern to students from poor families. Vice president Yu Shixiang, Xiang Wu and people from students affairs department and colleges including student tutors were also in the group. Their visit definitely bought a feeling of warmness in this harsh and cold season.

In the student dormitory, Zhou Jiliu and Lai Tingqian particularly inquired the conditions about their living and studying environment. They also urged students to be a self-dependent and industrious people and always cherish a heart of thanksgiving and self-confidence. When they left, they also gave winter clothes as gifts for the students. They expressed their wishes that our students should adapt to school life and actively participate in collective activities organized by the University and social practice activities instead of confine themselves in dormitory by surfing on the internet all day. Students should make full use of library materials, laboratory platform and the power of the teacher in order to learn professional knowledge. As a qualified student, he or she should focus on hot issues of social development, closely linked to the learning and social development of the professional knowledge, constantly enrich their own knowledge system in order to raise their comprehensive quality and enhance their core competitiveness.

In the dormitory of national defense stuents, Zhou Jiliu spoke highly of their living environment. He also paid a special visit to Liu Yichan who is a child from a hero family. He encouraged him to study hard in order to be a qualified military officer in the future.

CUIT always put importance on our support to students from poverty-stricken families. We spare no effort on supporting both spiritually and financially in order to strength their confidence. In this action called Warming the Winter, CUIT spent 380 thousand Yuan on 219 students from poor families.



In this winter, we feel very warm.

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