Academic report by Shen Wenhai from National Meteorological Center


On December 25th, Chief engineer Shen Wenhai from National Meteorological Center came to our university and gave an academic report named meteorological big data and informatization. Hundreds of teachers and students attended this report and it was hosted by Shu Hongping, the dean of the software engineering college.

Mr. Shen elaborated on the composition of meteorological big data and the value of meteorological big data and ect. from the aspects of analyzing big data, big data of meteorology and informatization of meteorology. He also analyzed the existing problems of informatization of meteorology of China in these years and put forward the concept of intelligent meteorology.

By ending his report with a story called The discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole, Mr. Shen advocated all our students and teachers that we should work with the craftsman’s spirit in our posts and devoted ourselves to our cause and study with a scientific and rigorous attitude which will lead to perfection.

After the report, Mr. Shen had exchanges with some teachers on related issues.

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