Professor Jiang Tao obtained the fund of 2015 “Thousand Talents Plan” of Sichuan Province


According to the outcome of the 2015 “Thousand Talents Plan” of Sichuan Province, 154 talents including 28 people from entrepreneurship area, 53 from innovation area, 61 young talents, 10 from humanities and social sciences project, 2 from poverty-stricken area project, and 19 teams, 11 innovation teams, 8 entrepreneurship teams. Jiang Tao, recommended by our university, was given the honor of receiving the fund from the“Thousand Talents Plan” project.

Professor Jiang Tao was assigned to the University of Siegen in German to obtain the doctor degree with the fund of CSC in September 2008. He studied on areas of robot vision navigation, the rugged terrain of target recognition,cooperative work of air-ground robots and artificial compound eye vision. he obtained the DAAD scholarship in German in 2012 and Engineering PhD in 2013. He began to work in our university in 2013 and took charge of the research work on automated vehicle,robot autonomous navigation, a complex environment target recognition,environmental intellisense,artificial compound eye vision and ect. His research achievement of the remotely piloted vehicle was the very first case in the southwest of China, which was awarded as the top ten scientific news in Sichuan in 2015.

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