The Meteorological Science and Cultural Park of CUIT has been evaluated as“National Excellent Meteorological Science Education Base in 2015”


Recently,Chinese Meteorological Society has worked for appraising“National Excellent Meteorological Science Education Base in 2015”. The Meteorological Science and Cultural Park of CUIT has been given this honor.

Our Meteorological science and cultural Park relied on all kinds of software and hardware of the university’s atmospheric science group to carry out the science popularization work:

1.Since 2007, we have been organizing and conducting the popularization and propaganda activities of disaster prevention and reduction by using the meteorological science around China. There were about 15000 volunteers in 1100 groups who reached to the whole country to advertise meteorological science. According to the statistics,they had provided about 13 million pamphlets in 7369 administrative villages,2213 schools and 392 factories,and made great contribution to the popularization and propaganda work. More than 5.7 million people have been benefited.

2. We actively carried out meteorological science propaganda activities including “3.23 World Meteorological Day”. Professional teachers and atmospheric majored students have been assigned to primary and secondary schools and grass-roots communities to propagandize meteorological popular science knowledge. We hold meteorological knowledge lecture、theme party、contest and so on to teachers and students and organize middle and primary school students and the masses to visit our meteorological teaching and research sites such as: observation field、 the key laboratory of atmospheric detection spot and weather radar. All of this is aimed at improving people’s understanding and attention of the meteorological knowledge. On average, more than 2200 primary and secondary school students and the general public have attended lectures or activities in our university every year.

3. Electronic Engineering college set up the first national meteorological science department innovatively. We comprehensively strengthened the service work of the meteorological science department for inside and outside of the campus. And our university created abundant meteorological popular science works: large stage play、 songs 、cartoons 、charts、 books etc, which are deeply loved by the masses.

4. In recent years, a total investment of more than 3 million is used to establish a meteorological science base and to carry out various types of popular science activities. There are over 100 million fixed assets serving the work of meteorological science popularization.

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