Members of Provincial Political Consultative Conference conducted “transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities” inspection activities in our university


March 18th, 2016

Director of the Education Committee of Sichuan Provincial Political Consultative Conference Zhou Guoliang, leading a 26 –people delegation of members from China Democratic League, China Association for Promoting Democracy and educational subsectors, visited our university and conducted “transformation of scientific and technological achievements of universities” inspection activities. The delegation had a comprehensive and in-depth survey on our transformation of scientific research achievements through field visits and symposiums. President of CUIT, Zhou Jiliu and Vice-president He Shengyu accompanied their visit.

The delegation firstly visited the incubator base of the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship andCreative Club, a platform for innovation and Entrepreneurship of CUIT students, which was among the first batch of Maker Spaces supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Then the delegation visited the Road Show Hall, Entrepreneurship Hall, Multifunctional Conference Room, Business Center, Negotiation Room and etc. and inspected its construction and operation and management situation. The delegation also visited the exhibition room of discipline construction and scientific research achievements, and after that a communication was held with directors and representative teachers form Science and Technology Department, School-Enterprise Cooperation Office and Chengdu Research Institution and Engineering colleges.

On the communication, Zhou Jiliu showed a warm welcome to the delegation. He raised some key factors that might restrain the development of the transformation ofscientific and technological achievementsand real difficulties appeared in the process of implementation. Moreover, President Zhou Jiliu offered his proposals on this issue. Chen Lin, director of the School-Enterprise Cooperation Office introduced basic conditions of science and technology achievements transformation of CUIT. Both sides discussed about ways of how to break the mechanism barriers and work of promoting university science and technology achievements transformation.

After their visit, Zhou Guoliang and his delegation gave full recognition to our work on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. He hoped that with the entire base we have, our university could strive for a new system of science and technology achievements transformation which is in line with the blueprint of the university’s future development.

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