Professor Yang Ping, Professor Andrew Dessler and Professor Don Conlee from Texas A&M University of American visit CUIT


17th to 18th March, 2016

At the invitation of Electronic Engineering college, Professor Yangping, Professor Andrew Dessler and Professor Don Conlee from Texas A&M University of American had a two-day visit of CUIT. The professors had academic reports respectively and also had an in-depth discussion about holding undergraduates summer camps, cultivating double degree postgraduates and exchanging young teachers.

Professor Yangping, Professor Andrew Dessler and Professor Don Conlee respectively made their own presentations entitled Education and Research in Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M UniversityWater vapor and cloud feedbackeffects and High-Impact Undergraduate Meteorology Education at Texas A&M.

As the director of the department of Atmospheric Science of Texas A&M University, Professor Yang Ping introduced other well-known professors in the related area from the aspects of teaching and scientific research, and expressed welcome to our teachers; Afterward, Professor Yang Ping introduced his latest research result in the area of atmospheric radiation and remote sensing. Professor Andrew Dessler made a report in terms of the water vapor feedback mechanism of stratosphere and its influence on the climate. By analyzing observation data and using model simulation, he demonstrated the warming effect that stratosphere steam had made to the climate. Professor Don Conlee has been engaged in undergraduate education for many years and through this report he shared with us their experience about undergraduate extracurricular practice and cooperative training programs with famous universities of China. The report is hosted by the Dean of the Electronic Engineering college Yang Lin and teachers and students from Electronic Engineering college and Atmospheric Science attended.

After the reports, Professor Yang and his delegation exchanged ideas on the cooperative training plan of undergraduates and postgraduates and the exchange program of young teachers with the leader of the International Office and Graduate Student department and Student Affairs office and related colleges.

On March 18th , aiming at the construction of the university disciplines and the development of both individuals and teams, Professor Yang and his delegation had discussions with teachers from Atmospheric Sounding laboratory of Electronic Engineering college. Both sides reached fine cooperative intentions, which laid a solid foundation for the communication of young teachers and the summer exchange program of undergraduates.

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