Professor Zhang Jiyu from Chongqing Technology and Business University gave an academic lecture at the Arts and Culture college


24th March, 2016

At the invitation of the Arts and Culture college, Professor Zhang Jiyu from Chongqing Technology and Business University came to Longquan campus and gave an academic lecture entitled “Color and Performance” at the second floor conference room in Teaching Building One.

All 2013 and 2014 students from the major of visual communication design and some teachers from the Art and Design teaching & research office attended. The lecture was presided over by Zhang Jingsong, Director of the New media art and design culture institute.

The lecture had two parts: theoretical teaching and live demonstration. In part one professor Zhang analyzed the relation between sketch color decoration color and design color. It went from “how to look” to “how to conclude”, then to “how to demonstrate”, detailing the knowledge and skills of color extraction, image level processing, tone control, in-depth characterization and overall adjustment. During the second part, Professor Zhang displayed “The flower of sun” on a 100×80cm canvas, directly demonstrated the whole process from composition drafting to portray adjustment.

The whole lecture was carried out in a relaxing and lively atmosphere, during the interactive section, Professor Zhang encouraged students to make full use of the theory, combined it with the actual operation, which can eventually put theory into practice, making the knowledge easier to understand, easier to grasp.

                                              Live Creation

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