The Delegation of MacEwan University and Algoma University Visit CUIT


30th March, 2016

Vice President John Corlett from MacEwan University of Canada visited CUIT, and his delegation includes Mr. Daniel Zaretsky, the International Admission Officer, Su Hao, the coordinator of the International Admission Office, Wang Jia, International Representative in China. The visiting guests also include President Craig John from Algoma University of Canada and Director of the Students Recruitment Office Mr. Matthew Brent.

President Zhou Jiliu had a meeting with the visiting guests in the 7th meeting room. Zhou firstly showed a warm welcome to their arrival on behalf of our university. He then introduced the basic situation of CUIT, hoping that through this meeting three universities can find a common point for cooperation. Mr. Daniel Zaretsky introduced the basic situation of MacEwan University, hoping that long-term and comprehensive cooperation could be established in the field of computer and business subjects through the forms of students and teachers exchange programs. President Craig John introduced the basic situation of Algoma University. He said that Algoma University attached great importance on the improvement of the teaching quality and advocated the slogan of “small university, big education” . He also pointed out both universities could carry out cooperation in the subjects of business, engineering and computer science.

Through the communication, three universities reached a consensus for MOU signing and Summer School program.

After the meeting, the visiting guests had a campus tour to the University Library, Gym and sports ground. They gave high appreciation to the open-mode of our university library and the facilities of the sport ground, hoping that cooperation could be established on the field of P.E education.

Director of the International Office and the Graduate Office, Dean of the Computer College attended the meeting.

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