The Director of the National Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science Shi Jiancheng Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


31st, March, 2016

Shi Jiancheng, the national distinguished expert, the director of the national key laboratory of Remote Sensing Science and Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, the candidate of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts gave an academic lecture entitled The Introduction of the Global Water Circulation Observation Satellite in CUIT. The leaders and students of Resources and Environment College and the heads of the department of science and technology attended the lecture.

Shi Jiancheng started from four topics including the scientific significance and research status of the satellite observation project of global water circulation’s critical elements, the crucial scientific problems to be resolved, the payload configurations and the phases of the background models researching project. He emphasized that the observations and the models are equally important in the research of water circulation. Meanwhile, he introduced the essential satellites for monitoring various bands of electromagnetic waves in the water circulation’s observation, the vital role that Soil moisture and seawater salinity play in research of water circulation, WCOM’s researching ideas and scientific objectives.

After the lecture, President Zhou Jiliu, Vice President He Shengyu and He Jianxin communicated with Shi Jiancheng in the 8th conference room , and eventually reached a preliminary intention on cooperation in the future in talent training, discipline construction, scientific research and other aspects between the national key laboratory of Remote Sensing Science and CUIT.

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