Researcher Xiong Gang from Cloud Computing Center of Chinese Academy of Science Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


12th April, 2016

Xiong Gang, Associate Director of Cloud Computing Center of Chinese Academy of Science, distinguished professor of Aalto University of Finland, researcher of the Automatization Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science was invited by the Electronic Engineering College of CUIT to give a lecture entitledWisdom Health Equipment Technology and Cloud Service Platform in conference room 216 of the Meteorological Building. Dong Yiping, the Party Secretary of the Electronic Engineering College, Huang Qihong, the Associate Dean, and some teachers and postgraduates attended this lecture, which also attracted Liu Xiaobo, the General Manager of Chengdu Green Network Technology co., LTD and Zhang Yongdong, Associate researcher of Sichuan Chinese Herbal Medicine company also joined the lecture.

Xiong Gang briefly introduced the history and the main research areas of Cloud Computing Center of Chinese Academy of Science in Dong Guan. He elaborated on the G-Cloud system jointly created by Guo Yun Technology which is a sub-company of the Cloud Computing Center of Chinese Academy of Science, and Guangdong Electronic Industry Research Institute, LTD and the research conditions of his institute on Medical wearable devices. Mr. Xiong stressed the importance of combing the project establishment and the result transformation started from his personal experience and the industry development situation in Dong Guan and then discussed the implement forms of industry-university-research cooperation. He emphatically introduced the research development and progress of molecular imaging by the team leaded by Tian Jie researcher from the National Key-lab of the Automation Research Institute of Management and Control in Complex Systems of the Chinese Academy of Science. Then he also explained the profound concept of parallel society simply.

After the lecture, all those presented, including entrepreneurs, teachers and students discussed the issues of the cloud platform of combing medical treatment and nursing for the Elderly and the relevance of between big data and human emotion, meteorological health keeping, the controllability of the industrialized planting of traditional Chinese herbal medicine and so on. In the end, future cooperation and communication possibilities were discussed by the leaders and researchers.

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