Researcher Che Huizheng from Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


14thApril, 2016

Researcher Che Huizheng, Associate Director of the Institute of Atmospheric Composition of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences delivered an academic lecture in the Atmospheric Science College of CUIT, covering topics included Aerosol Optical in China-Radiation characteristics foundation of remote sensing observation. Associate Dean of the Atmospheric Science College, Professor Zhou Yunjun, with more than 50 teachers and students attended the lecture.

Mr. Che briefly introduced the atmospheric aerosol, aerosol optical in China- radiation characteristics and then discussed the network development of the aerosol optical in China-radiation characteristics ground-based observation, the aerosol optical properties distribution and changes in China and the estimation on its direct radiation effect and ect. Later, Mr. Che shared with his audience his personal scientific research experience, including how to be a good scientific researcher and how to devoted oneself to the work in predicaments. He also shared his own experience on publishing high-level academic papers.

The content of this lecture was updated and rich, his scientific achievement is at the forefront of related fields. Moreover, his splendid explanation offered us a fascinating experience on the academic communication.

At the end, questions of observation equipment and the data selection in the research work were dicussed between Mr. Che and the audiences, which brought an warm ending to this lecture.

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