Researcher Min Jiayin from Chinese Academy of Social Science Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


15th April, 2016

The former researcher and doctoral supervisor from the Institute of Philosophy of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, Min Jiayin, was invited by Management College of CUIT to give an academic lecture entitled Human Nature and Ethics in Long Quan campus. More than a hundred students from majors of Exhibition Economy and Management, Tourism Management, Administrative Management and Labor and Social Security attended this lecture.

Mr. Yin explored people's selfish behavior, the psychology of the selfishness and the roots of selfishness in a story combined with his personal experience. With an scientific perspective , he probed into human nature and built up a system model of human nature with a hierarchical structure and discussed human nature on the base of this model. Finally , he reached a conclusion that egoism is the most profound, stable and solid nature of Human Beings and explained his own view on human nature and ethics.

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