Professor Zhu Peiyong from UESTC Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


15th April, 2016

Zhu Peiyong, a professor and doctoral supervisor from University of Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC) was invited by the Applied Mathematics College of CUIT to give an academic lecture entitled The Application of Topology in the Mathematical Analysis and Chaos Theory in room 421 of the Administration Building. Professor Yang Guangchong hosted this lecture with the attendance of some teachers and graduate students of the college.

Zhu Peiyong mainly introduced the application of topology in the mathematical analysis, study of semi-continuous function and the application of topology in chaos theory research, and put forward some discussible questions in this research direction. Mr. Zhu mentioned that topology is a branch of mathematics in researching invariance and invariant of “graph” under the study of "homeomorphism mapping" which means continuous one-to-one mapping of the two sides, also makes the concept of functional continuity become more profound. At last, Mr. Zhu shared his research achievement completed in recent years with the audiences.

After the meeting, Mr. Zhu had an in-deepth communication with our teachers and students, and also shared some personal experience in the academic research work, which provided a more profound understanding for graduate students on the study of topology and mathematical analysis.

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