Bureau-University Cooperation Agreement Signed between Meteorology Bureau of Shaanxi Province and CUIT


21st April, 2016

The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Meteorology Bureau of Shaanxi Province and CUIT was held in Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau. Director of Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau, Ding Chuanqun, Vice Directors, Xue Chunfang and Du Yulong, and President of CUIT, Zhou Jiliu, Vice President of Party Committee, Jing Fengrong, Vice President, He Jianxin, participated in the ceremony which was hosted by Xue Chunfang.

In the signing ceremony, Zhou Jiliu spoke highly of the contribution made by Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau in the rise of Shaanxi province in the midwest of China and recalled the history of the cooperation between CUIT and Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau. Zhou jiliu reported on the current situation and the future development plan of CUIT, hoping that comprehensive and in-depth cooperation could be established via the signing of the Bureau-University cooperation agreement.

Director of Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau, Ding Chuanqun, extended a warm welcome to Zhou Jiliu and CUIT delegation. He expressed gratitude to CUIT for cultivating management and professional talents for the meteorological cause of Shaanxi province. He introduced the basic situation of Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau and the development concepts of taking the modernization of business as the core task in the period of implementing the 13th Five-year plan, which focused on technology in order to meet the need, benefit people and highlight the characteristics of Shaanxi province, hoping that a brand new page could be opened and a high-level cooperation model could be achieved through the signing of this cooperation agreement and eventually a solid foundation could be laid in the course of the meteorological modernization of Shaanxi province.

Later on, Zhou Jiliu and Ding Chuanqun signed the Bureau-University cooperation strategic framework agreement.

Afterwards, Vice President He Jianxin and Assistant to the President, Dean of Software Engineering College Shu Hongping reported on the scientific research achievement of CUIT in the fields of atmospheric sounding technique and big data. After the report, accompanied by Ding Chuanqun, CUIT delegation visited Meteorological Observatory , Meteorological Service Desk of Commercial Crops, Agricultural Remote Sensing Information Center, Weather Modification Office, Information Center and History Museum of Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau.

People from Administrative Office, Department of Personnel, Observation Center, Forecasting Center, Information Center, Meteorological Sounding Center, Meteorological Service Center of Shaanxi Meteorology Bureau, Party and Administrative Office, Science and Technology Department, Atmospheric Science College, Electronic Engineering College, Resources Environment College and Software Engineering College of CUIT attended the signing ceremony.

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