Professor Liu Qinyu from Ocean University of China Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


3rd May, 2016

Liu Qinyu, Professor of Ocean University of China, gave an academic lecture entitled The Influence of the Tropical Indian Ocean-Western Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Change on the East Asian Atmospheric Circulation at CUIT’s invitation. Professor Wang Shigong hosted this lecture with the attendance of some teachers and graduate students of the Atmospheric Science College.

Professor Liu Qinyu started from three topics including research background and the influence of the warm pool on East Asian winter atmospheric circulation and precipitation anomaly, the summer anticyclonic anomaly in the western Pacific, and the tropical Indian Ocean sea temperature anomaly, then she summarized the influence of the tropical Indian Ocean-Western Pacific sea surface temperature change on the east Asian atmospheric circulation. Meanwhile, she proposed new challenges to the content of the asymmetry of El Nino and the influence of the north Pacific Kuroshio extension.


All the teachers and students showed great interests in this academic lecture, and had a heated discussion on the related questions. In the end, Wang Shigong made a concise summary for the lecture.

Liu Qinyu, female, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Ocean University of China, who gets the special government allowances issued by the State Council, and had once won the 1986 Science and Technology Progress Prize of National Education Committee, the 1990 Science and Technology Progress Prize in Shandong province and the 2000 Natural Science Prize of Chinese Institutions of Higher Education; She, as the first person to complete the project of National Natural Science Foundation of China - the research on Dynamic Mechanism of Interaction between Kuroshio and General Atmospheric Circulation, won the third prize of the State Oceanic Administration Scientific and Technological Progress in 1997, and her project "the Upper Ocean Circulation and the Thermal Structure’s Season and Seasonal Change Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of the South China Sea " got the nomination of National Natural Science Prize by Ministry Of Education in 2004.

Liu Qinyu has committed herself tomany researches including dynamic meteorology, numerical weather forecast, ocean-atmosphere interaction, geophysical flow force over the years. She visited and conducted collaborative research with six LODYC laboratories and CEFACS research centers in Paris, Texas A&M University, the University of Wisconsin, Naval Postgraduate School in the United States and the Laboratory of Dynamic Meteorology in France. The sea - land - atmosphere interaction phenomenon near the Hawaiian Islands, which was discovered by her, as the third author in the cooperation with Professor Xie Shangping from the University of Hawaii, has been confirmed as one of the 12 satellite-observed important scientific problems by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2003.

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