Social Media Report on Scientific Research Achievement of CUIT in Atmospheric Science


Recently, both Chengdu Business Daily and Western China Metropolis Daily reported in the front page on the research project conducted by Professor Xiao Tiangui of Atmospheric Science college of CUIT and his lecture entitled asThe Diagnosis from Multi-source Information and Research on the Conceptual Model of Short Term and Imminent Prediction of Strong Convective Weather of Southwest Mountain, and Associate Professor Cheng Zhigang and his lecture entitled asStudy on the Urban Climate Characteristics of Chengdu under the Influence of Rapid Urbanization.

After the news was published, extensive attention from many media were attracted. The news has been reported on TV, newspaper and network media for more than 30 times by May 12th, 2016. It shows that the achievement of the scientific research of CUIT combines closely with social services and people's daily lives.

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