CUIT Undertakes The 8th International Conference of Digital Image Processing


May 20th–23rd, 2016

The 8thInternational Conference of Digital Image Processing, ICDIP 2016 was held in Chengdu. The conference was co-sponsored by Singapore Academic Society of Computer Science and Information Technology and Sichuan Computer Academic Society and undertook by Chengdu Institute of Computer Application of Chinese Academy of Science and CUIT.

The Digital Image Processing Conference aims to promote international academic communication on the cutting-edge achievement of digital image processing. Since 2009, it has been successfully hosted in Bangkok of Thailand, Singapore, Chengdu of China, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Beijing of China, Athens of Greece and Los Angeles of America. The conference has become an important communication platform for relevant professionals. A Technology Program Committee took charge of the submission paper examination work by conducting peer review. 457 pieces of papers from more than 20 counties were received, while 239 pieces were chosen as the excellent papers.

As the chairman, President Zhou Jiliu delivered a welcome speech in the opening ceremony of the conference. He expressed sincere gratitude toward members and local units for their support and hard work. He also said that this conference will surely promote the development of digital image processing technology by providing a great platform of communication and achievement-sharing for relevant professionals.

On behalf of the conference committee, Zhou Jiliu invited special guests to deliver speeches and share academic results on the conference, inculding Professor Zhao Qijun from Sichuan University, Professor Zhang Zhencheng from Feng Chia University of Thaiwan, Professor En-Bing Lin from Central University of Michigan of US, Professor Jiang Xudong from Nanyang Polytechnic University of Singapore and Professor Jamshid Dehmeshki from Kingston University of UK.

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