Professor Monica Chiu from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


21stJune, 2016

Professor Monica Chiu from University of New Hampshire gave a wonderful lecture entitled Gene Yang’s Chinese American Shadow Hero, the first Chinese American superhero for teachers and students of CUIT in the 2nd conference room of Longquan Campus. Professor Liao Simei of Culture and Arts College hosted the lecture with the attendance of about a hundred people including undergraduates majoring in Visual Communication Design and Chinese International Education and some teachers.

Professor Monica Chiu elaborated the principles of cartoon narrative with vivid and rigorous language from different categories to all kinds of work display. Her lecture concerned with the international cultural exchange between China and the United States and the relationship between the super hero culture and the real society in which key words like "strange feeling", "discrimination" are the hot issues in the international community.

After the lecture, the students actively asked questions and participated in a positive interaction with Professor Monica Chiu in a warm atmosphere. The lecture is a different kind of educational experience which enables students to broaden their horizons, understand the Asian American culture and comic art creation.

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