Professor Liu Yixin from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


21stJune, 2016

One of the series of lectures given by University of New Hampshire entitled How to apply for graduate and doctoral programs in American universities was hold in 215 conference room of Meteorological Building. The speaker was Professor Liu Yixin, Director of the Financial Policy Center in Business School of University of New Hampshire. The lecture was hosted by Professor Yang Ling, Dean of Electronic Engineering College (Atmospheric Exploration College) with attendance of about a hundred of teachers and students.

Professor Liu introduced on how to select university and major, how to write an application CV, the do’s and don’ts in application and studying process, how to find a job in USA based on her personal experience from applying for American university to working as a professor in the Admissions Committee. She stressed that students must have clear goals about university application and make long-term plans.

After the lecture, Professor Liu had an exchange interaction with students, answering questions about essay writing, resumes and materials for application, subject selection when applying the internet industry, foreign teachers preferable students and so on. Professor Liu replied all the questions for students.

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