Professor Mary Anne LustGraaf from UNH Gives an Academic lecture in CUIT



The lecture entitled Assessment of the Impact of Student Involvement given by Professor Mary Anne Lustgraaf,Director of Student Affairs of the University of New Hampshire, was held in the 1402 classroom of Hang Konggang Campus with the attendence of more than 50 people of teachers and Student Union cadres who are responsible for the student. This lecture was organized by the International Office and Teachers Teaching Development and Evaluation Center with the support from related colleges.

Mary vividly introduced the system of American College Students in school affairs management by taking students’ participation in school affairs management in University of New Hampshire for example. Then she focused on sharing the ways and means at the University of New Hampshire in assessment of student participation in school affairs, and explained the methods frequently used in the work of student associations with living examples, including questionnaire survey method, key performance index method, skill rating method, phenomenon collection method, keywords group method and focused team method and evaluation method. The atmosphere of the lecture was warm in which questions are asked and ideas are shared by teachers and students.

This lecture was highly praised by CUIT teachers and students, for it broadened their international horizon and way of thinking, and provided a good opportunities of understanding the western campus culture.

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