Professor Tu Lan from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


23rd June, 2016

The lecture given by Professor Tu Lan from University of New Hampshire entitled Entrepreneurial Innovation from the Perspective of Regional Studies was held in 4209 classroom of Hang Konggang campus with attendance of teachers and students from Computer Science College.

Professor Tu Lan firstly introduced the definition and the importance of geonomics and its importance. By taking the first Industrial Revolution in Britain as an example, he analyzed the historical backdrop and its inducement combined with modern social and economic situation. When speaking of the innovation, he stressed that the influence of regional economic geography for entrepreneurship must be concerned by students who are planning their innovation endeavor or entrepreneurship and students must promote competitiveness of themselves through different innovative approaches. When speaking of the computer industry, he pointed that students must study hard and take chances since the computer industry is under the spotlight and still on the rise.

After the lecture, a communication was followed in which CUIT teachers and students had active exchange together. Professor Tu Lan mentioned the cross way of using mathematic and computer to data mining and hoped students could know more about it in order to improve their comprehensive qualities.

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