Professor Lawrence C. Reardon from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


23rd June, 2016

One of the series of lectures given by University of New Hampshire entitled The Chinese Third Way of Development was hold in 1403 classroom. The speaker was Professor Lawrence C. Reardon, Associate Professor of Politics School of University of New Hampshire. The lecture was hosted by Associate Professor Chen Keyi with attendance of a hundred of teachers and students.

Reardon expounded on how Chinese economy achieved a rapid development on the third way of growth based on his research on Chinese economy. He also elaborated on the development process of Chinese economy and the relationship between the present situation and  economic development in today's society. By making a comparative study between Chinese economy and the Four Asian Tigers, he explained why Chinese economy could not become an Economic Miracle and how the Chinese third way of development could be realized in the future.

After the lecture, questions in aspects of the importance of the Chinese economic policy and the meaning of Chinese economy toward world economy are proposed by students. Professor Reardon offered his unique opinions about the development of Chinese economy which enables CUIT’s students to have a special educational experience.

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