Professor Yige Wang from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


20th June, 2016

A delegation of 7 professors from University of New Hampshire visited CUIT and delivered 12 academic lectures for our teachers and students. The first academic lecture entitled as Chinese Zen Tea versus British High Tesa was given by professor Yige Wang who is the Foreign Deanofthe Confucius Institute of UNH.

Professor Wang started from the research on tea culture and expounded the connection of tea culture and world culture history and then made a comparative study of cultural differences between China and western counties.

Through his research on the origin, development, transmission and the importance in each historical periods of tea culture, he revealed the strong connection between tea culture and Chinese culture. He also shared a number of interesting details, including the British tradition of afternoon tea culture, influence of tea culture on the history of the world events, tea culture both in the East and the West, the healthy drinking style and so on with participates.

To start from this successful academic report, CUIT will hold more than 10 academic lectures with University of New Hampshire to improve international vision of our teachers and students and promote international exchanges and cooperation of our university.

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