Professor Yige Wang from UNH Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


21st June, 2016

Invited by International Office and Foreign Language College of CUIT, Professor Yige Wang, Dean of the Confucius Institute at UNH gave an academic lecture entitledTou Pingxiang, Jing Mendao---All Men Are Brothers versions in foreign countries.

Professor Wang has engaged in cultural comparison between China and America and the spreading of Chinese culture in these fields for many years. In the lecture, Professor Wang analyzed, the two different translation versions of All Men Are Brothers by Pearl S. Buck and Sidney Shapiro through his strong academic foundation and unique perspective. He concluded that Sidney Shapiro’s version is better in language, culture and communication.

Finally, Professor Wang had an interaction with the audience. He offered detailed suggestions on the translation studies, translation teaching to our teachers as well as tips of postgraduate entrance examination for students and ect. The lecture ended in a harmonious atmosphere and both teachers and students benefited greatly.

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