Dominic M.Desiderio from BES of American Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


23rd Sept, 2016

At the invitation of Resource and Environment College, Dominic M.Desiderio, the East-Southern Asian Market Supervisor of American Brightview Enterprise Solutions, delivered an academic lecture entitled Sustainable Landscaping: Making a Difference around the World in Classroom 1301 of the No.1 Teaching Building of Hangkonggang Campus. Xu Chenghua, Associate Dean of Resources and Environment College, teachers of Teaching and Researching Office of Environmental Science, some postgraduates and all the 2015 undergraduates in environment major attended this lecture.

Dominic M. Desiderio introduced the point-source pollution, area-source pollution and their hazards on human health. He narrated the facts of recent years about China and America on regulations legislated for atmospheric pollution and efforts made on the work of atmospheric pollutant reduction, and explained the important role of landscape planning in controlling the greenhouse effect, absorbing rainwater and atmospheric pollutants and so on. He also stressed the significance of landscape planning to environment and nature and strengthening the conservation of natural and cultural sights.

The students proactively asked questions oriented towards environmental issues arisen in the process of modern urbanization and had an in-depth discussion with Dominic M. Desiderio. Additionally, Dominic M. Desiderio and his other five delegation members visited the environmental laboratory of Resource & Environment Building.

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