Researcher Jin Huidong from Australian National University Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


23rd Sept, 2016

At the invitation of the Software Engineering College, Associate Researcher Jin Huidong of Australian National University gave an academic lecture entitled Prediction System of Australia Climate Based on Dynamic Model and Historical Observation in Classroom 2302. The lecture was hosted by Associate Professor Tang Dan with the attendance of teachers and students from Software Engineering College.

Based on the role of big data, Jin analyzed and explained big data on the respects of timeliness, diversity, authenticity and the values of data. He pointed out the data concepts that data is the basis, platform is the brace, analysis is the key and effectiveness is the fundamental. And examples were taken to prove the role of the big data played on drug adverse reaction and text data processing.

In the Q&A section, teachers and students benefited a lot since Researcher Jin gave his unique opinions on every question being asked. At last the lecture received warm applauses from all the audienceand ended in a harmonious atmosphere.

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