Professor Edward Szczerbicki from Newcastle University Gives Academic Lectures in CUIT



At the invitation of Information Security Engineering College, Professor Edward Szczerbicki from Newcastle University gave two academic lectures entitled Knowledge Engineering and Research and Research on Knowledge Representation respectively in Classroom 2102 and 1206 from 27th to 28th. Professor Li Fei, Dean of ISEC hosted the lecture which was interpreted by Doctor Zhang Haoxi. Some teachers, postgraduate students and undergraduates from ISEC attended this lecture.

In the first lecture, Edward Szczerbicki firstly gave a brief introduction of Newcastle University and then explained artificial intelligence and knowledge engineering. He particularly expounded the importance of knowledge engineering on current artificial intelligence, and shared the main work of his research group with the audiences.

In the second lecture, Edward Szczerbicki reviewed the first lecture briefly, and interpreted some generally-interested questions. Afterwards, he introduced some approaches of knowledge representing, especially the gene theory on experience-based decision in depth. Furthermore, he made detailed illustration on the research by analyzing some concrete cases in the latter part of the lecture.

Teachers and students showed keen interests in this research field, and actively participated in an in-depth discussion with Edward Szczerbicki after the lecture.

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