Senior Software Engineer Yuan Ho from American University Joint Data Center for Atmospheric Research Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


12th Oct, 2016

At the invitation of Software Engineering College, senior software engineer Yuan Ho from American University Joint Data Center for Atmospheric Research gave an academic lecture entitled China's Weather Radar Data Model and its Application.Tang Dan, Deputy Dean of Software Engineering College hosted the lecture with the attendance of teachers and students from SEC.

Yuan Ho firstly made a simple explanation on some relevant concepts of data model. The connection and difference between the commonly used data models, such as netCDF to Common Data Model (CDM), pointing out the use and the expression form of CDM. At the same time, a general data model was proposed by Yuan Ho to replace the complex data interface on the basis of ignoring the details and he continued to introduced the application of CDM using examples. Meanwhile, he made the corresponding explanation on China's weather radar application data model and data transform layer, radial coordinate system, radial feature type in application, specifically pointing out the development prospects of the future data model in various radar applications.

In the lecture, teachers and students proposed various questions actively and Yuan Ho gave his unique opinion on every issue, which arouse thoughts exchange and collision. The lecture played a good role in broadening the horizons of teachers and students and strengthening the academic exchange atmosphere.


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