Vice Director of CMA Xu Xiaofeng Gives a Lecture in CUIT


11th Oct. 2016

On the 65th anniversary of CUIT's establishment, Vice Director of China Meteorological Administration Xu Xiaofeng was invited to CUIT to give a special lecture entitled The Modernization Process of Meteorological Services and the Demand for Talents. President of Party Committee Lai Tingqian, Vice President of Party Committee Jing Fengrong, Ni Ming, Vice President Yu Shixiang, He Shengyu, He Jianxin, Vice Director of CMA Technology and Climate Change Department Wang Jinxing, Vice Director of China Meteorological Administration Office Shi Xuefeng attended the lecture. All middle-level cadres, teacher and student representatives from each college listened to the report,which was hosted by President Zhou Jiliu.

President Zhou Jiliu extended a warm welcome to Xu Xiaofeng and his delegation. He reviewed the history that strong supports were given by China Meteorological Administrationon every critical developmental stage of CUIT, and expressed his sincere thanks to Vice Director Xu Xiaofeng for accepting the invitation to give this special lecture on the 65th anniversary of CUIT.

In the lecture, Vice Director Xu Xiaofeng first reviewed the development process of meteorological modernization in detail. He pointed out: “The first step of meteorological modernization is the modernization of talents, especially the training of meteorological talents in colleges and universities”. Then He gave highly-degree of affirmation to our university's role played on the development of China's meteorological service. He stressed thatthe contribution made by CUIT on the development of Advanced Remote Sensing Detection System including meteorological satellites, Doppler radar and so on cannot be ignored.

After the lecture, Xu Xiaofeng and Lai Ting Qian licensed International Joint Laboratory for Atmospheric Sounding, International Joint Research Center forImage and Vision,International Joint Research Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Joint Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Change, Environmental Meteorology and Health Research Institute.Subsequently, Xu Xiaofeng accompanied by Lai Tingqian visited and guided the construction work of Atmospheric Science discipline group.

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