Professor Wu Peili from Hadley Center of UK Meteorology Bureau Gives an Academic Report in CUIT


14th Oct. 2016

At the invitation of Atmospheric Sciences College, Professor Wu Peili from Hadley Center of UK Meteorology Bureau gave a lecture entitled Precipitation Response in Warming Climate in classroom 1301. Professor Lv Shihua hosted the lecture with the attendance of some teachers and graduate students from Atmospheric Sciences College.

Professor Wu described the changes of extreme precipitation and indicated that this phenomenon may cause serious weather disasters, such as debris flow and landslides. Wu also explained the correlation between temperature and precipitation to the students.

After the lecture, teachers and students actively participated in the discussion, which enabled students to have a deeper understanding about the theme of the lecture.

Personal introduction of Professor Wu:

Professor Wu got his bachelor degree in Physics and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Dynamics in Imperial College London. He had 7 years of Postdoctoral studying experience in the University of Edinburgh. Wu currently works in Hadley Center of UK Meteorology Bureau.

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