Assistant Professor Li Xin From Copenhagen Business School Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


24th Oct, 2016

Assistant Professor Li Xin from Copenhagen Business School visited CUIT on the invitation of Management College and gave a lecture entitled Solutions to Organizational Paradox: Philosophical Perspectives and Case Study in 2ndconference room in Longquan campus. The lecture was hosted by Associate Dean Li Guiqing.

Combined with the logic thoughts of solving organizational paradox and introduced a new analyzing perspective and variable, Professor Li Xin finally resolved the organizational paradox, which produced important academic value and practical significance. In the lecture, Professor Li Xin expounded his understanding of paradox in the view of philosophy in different aspects, he introduced the opinions of paradox thoughts contributed by international influential scholars, and elaborated on Chinese concepts Yin and Yang clearly. Li Xin said that the daily traditional culture and philosophical thoughts were the basis of doing research in this field. At last, he had in-depth communication with the teachers and students present.

By inviting the participation of excellent management scholars and focusing on special topics, this lecture aims to improve the scientific research strength of Management College, facilitate ideas collision and open horizon of teachers and students.

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