Professor Keun Lee from Seoul National University Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


2nd Nov, 2016

At the invitation of Professor Li Guiqing from Management College, Professor Keun Lee from Seoul National University in South Korea delivered an lecture entitled "Catch - up cycles and Changes in the industry Leadership: Windows of opportunity and responses in the evolution of sectoral systems"in the Academic Hall in Longquan Campus. Some teachers, students and graduates from Management College attended this lecture.

On the theme of Catch-Up Cycle Theory and Industry Leading Transformation, Professor Keun Lee clarified why Leading Transformation happens in many industries, and how to keep it as well as how to use Schumpeter Theory to explain this phenomenon and other issues based on his research on change Leading Transformation Theory.

Professor Keun Lee's wonderful lecture brought the teachers and students a special academic exchange experience, his new and interesting method caused extensive discussion and active questions in teachers and students and Professor Keun Lee responded with wonderful explanation and answers. The lecture broadened the academic vision of the teachers and students, in which they expressed their opinion actively and studied the essence of lecture seriously.

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