Academician Gheorghe Păun from Academia Europaea Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


2nd Nov, 2016

At the invitation of CUIT,Prof. Gheorghe Păun, Academician of the Academia Europaeaand the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Senior Fellow of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, ISI Highly Cited (Highly-Quoted) Scientist, Founder of Membrane Computing and Honorary Chairman of the International Membrane Computing Society gave alecture entitled Membrane Computing. After 18 Years.The lecture was co-chaired by Zhang Gexiang, distinguished professor of International Joint Research Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems and Prof. Jiang Tao, Associate Dean of Control Engineering College. This lecture attracted more than 200 teachers and students from all over the university.

Prof. Gheorghe Păun introduced the development course and basic principle of natural computing, the main principles and limitations of DNA computing in natural computing, and reviewed 18 years of researching on Membrane Computing and its achievements in theory and application which had aroused a great interest among teachers and students in Intelligent Computing.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Gheorghe Păun discussed the questions raised by teachers and students in scientific research, academic innovation, world-leading technological development and research hotspots on membrane computing. He also expressed the hope that he would like to strengthen the guidance and in-depth cooperation in the field of Intelligent Computing research with CUIT.

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