Doctor Xue Yajuan Attended International Academic Conference in America


11th-16th Nov, 2016

Doctor Xue Yajuan, an Associate Professor of Telecommunication Engineering College of CUIT, was invited to participate in 2016 International Conference on Gas, Oil and Petroleum Engineering GOPE-2016 in America. With her keynote report on Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Using Local Wave Decomposition, she had communication with many scholars and experts in the related field and her achievements received international attention and recognition.

Sponsored by United Scientific Organizations of American, this high-profile international conference of Earth and Space Sciences is technically assisted by lots of famous universities and institutions and convened from 14thto 16th on November in Las Vegas.

The GOPE-2016 Conference mainly aims to solve problems of exploration, well drilling, production system, pipelines, terminals, refining assets assessment as well as chemical manufacturing, storage facilities and health hazards in oil, natural gas and petroleum engineering processes. The conference gathered famous experts and scholars in the field of industry and academia together and provided a platform where experience and ideas could be shared and exchanged to discuss the latest progress of energy to meet global energy demands.

Through her active promotion of the development of the research team and in-depth exchanges with other scholars from Earth and Space Sciences, Xue expanded the scientific cooperation of CUIT on the latest Cross of Signal Processing with International Geophysical scholars.



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