Professor Wu Xindong from University of Louisiana Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT


22nd Nov, 2016

At the Invitation of Information Security Engineering College, Professor Wu Xindong from the University of Louisiana of America gave an academic lecture entitled From Big Data to Knowledge---the Research and Application of Big Data Knowledge Engineering in Academic Report Hall. Li Fei, Dean of ISEC, hosted the lecture with the attendance of teachers and students majored in this field.

Wu Xindong vividly explained what Big Data is with an example of one-sided viewpoint. He introduced the evolution process of Big Data model from its developmental history and the representative work in each stage. Then he led to a Big Data representation model, including 5V, 5R, 4P and HACE theory proposed by Professor Wu's research team. Based on Big Data model, Wu Xindong put forward the concept of Big Knowledge engineering and gave typical applications.Meanwhile, he looked forward to the future of Big Knowledge, and expressed his hope that CUIT teachers and students could have the opportunity of academic exchanges toUniversity of Louisiana.

Teachers and students showed keen interests to Wu’s lecture and actively participated in the topic discussion, which enabled them to understand the latest theories and techniques of Big Data and benefited a lot.

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