Representatives of Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) Visit CUIT


2nd Dec,2016

Tony O’Brien, SINO-NZ Project Director in International Office ofWINTEC, Claire McGowan, Chief Executive of SODA Creative Enterprises Incubator, and Liu Shabai, International Cooperation Representative visited CUIT and attended a meeting in No. 7thconference room of the Administration Building on discussing issues about the College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project. The meeting is hosted by Duan Qianbing, Director of International Office. Director of Teaching Affairs Office Chen Min, Deputy Director of Administrative Committee Office of CUIT Science & Technology Park Song Bo, Section Chief of International Office Gai Qiuyan and Deputy Section Chief of Administrative Committee Office of CUIT Science & Technology Park Guan Tingyan participated in the meeting.

On the meeting, Duan Qianbing welcomed the visiting guests and Chen Min introduced College Student’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, credit-bearing courses, the conditions of students being patented and being financially supported. Song Bo introduced CUIT Science & Technology Park, Chengdu Research Institute, Chengchuang Space and listed several successful cases of incubating enterprises using CUIT as the platform. Furthermore, he introduced the operation pattern and achievements of Chengchuang Space. Dr. Claire McGowan showed great interest in what Song had introduced and they had more discussion on it. After that, Tony O’Brien introduced students’ innovation and entrepreneurship work in WINTEC, and both sides discussed issues about cooperative directions and modes of cooperation, which laid a foundation for future cooperation.

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